"Oh, many a shaft at random sent
Finds mark the archer little meant!"

From The Lord ofthe Isles, by Sir Walter Scott

6.1 RANDOMNESS (Pages 310 - 316)

Random phenomenon...outcome cannot be predicted, but that has a regulardistribution over many repetitions.

Probability...proportion of times an event occurs in many repeatedevents of a random phenomenon.

Independent events (trails)...outcome of an event (trial) does not influence theoutcome of any other event (trial).

Example of independent events: Rollinga single die twice. The result on the second roll is independent ofthe first.

Example of events not independent: Picking twocards from a deck, one at a time, without replacement. (If you pick acard, and don't put it back in the deck and reshuffle, then theprobability of a red card on the second pick is dependent upon whatthe first card happened to be.)

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